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Marcela Noriega

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The journey of life requires a map, and that map is inside you. You have the answers to all your questions, but to know them, you need to delve deeper into who you are and the journey you take. Discovering your gifts, your purpose, what you come to teach and learn, your emotional needs, all of that involves self-knowledge. Once you know yourself thoroughly, you can love yourself and others completely, with their lights and shadows.

Through the tools of self-knowledge that I have been developing, such as Introspective Writing, Astrology or Numerology, I guide people towards their own internal worlds, either to heal their past, reconcile with their present, or focus in creating the best possible future. I show you how to observe yourself from places you have never seen before. In this way they manage to illuminate the perception they have of themselves.

I was born in Guayaquil, but I live in Vilcabamba. I am a journalist, communicator and writer. I have published 9 books in different genres: poetry, story, novel, chronicle. I have traveled the world and interviewed hundreds of people, but above all, I have delved into the journey of my own soul and, from all that experience, I have developed techniques and tools to help others connect with their voice. inside.

Since 2013, I have conducted group workshops on Introspective Writing and Inner Healing, as well as individual face-to-face or online sessions. In the same line of self-knowledge, I carry out therapeutic Readings of Astral Charts and Numerology Reports, where I answer the queries, on various topics, of those who request my services.

Likewise, I guide new writers in the development of their texts, articles or books, through literary sessions.

If you want to get in touch, this is my wasap: 098 5838447 and my email:

And here you can see photos and read comments from those who have taken the Workshops before

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