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Chambalabamba. EcoVillage in Vilcabamba-Ecuador

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Are you looking to immerse yourself in nature and live a unique experience in an ecovillage in Ecuador? Welcome to Chambalabamba, located in the beautiful valley of Vilcabamba, in the province of Loja.

Chambalabamba is much more than an ecological community, it is a dream come true. Our goal is to create a sustainable and harmonious environment for ourselves, Mother Earth and future generations. Guided by the principles of unity, harmony and personal integrity, we seek a new paradigm based on cooperation, personal responsibility and freedom.

In our ecovillage, diversity and multiculturalism are a fundamental part of our identity. The majority of the members are Latinos and artists, and we promote cooperation, freedom and mutual respect. Here, Spanish is the main language, but we also communicate in English. We value deep connections and the quality of our relationships, which is the foundation of our community.

From Chambalabamba, we actively participate in the Agroecological Fair every Saturday in Vilcabamba. At this fair, you will find products grown and processed in a natural and environmentally friendly way by our team. Also, you can explore our online store to purchase these products.

As part of our offer, we invite you to stay in our cozy rental cabins. Whether it is for a day, a week or more, we will offer you a space where you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature. All of our rental options include high-speed WIFI access (which you can disconnect at any time), washing machine, private kitchen and bathroom, and unlimited access to other amenities scattered throughout our picturesque landscape.

In addition to staying in our cabins, as a guest you will also have the opportunity to participate in community activities and workshops, rejuvenate on the river, enjoy our daily vegetarian lunch (based on donations), and access personalized health and wellness services such as reiki, massages and yoga, provided by trained members of our community.

Chambalabamba invites you to live an experience immersed in nature and to be part of our ecovillage in Ecuador. Discover the magic of Vilcabamba and the sustainable lifestyle that we promote. We are waiting for you in this ecological jewel in southern Ecuador!

Visit CHAMBALABAMBA and LIVE THE EXPERIENCE of sharing the daily life of this ECOVILLAGE IN ECUADOR. South of this beautiful Andean country; in the province of Loja, valley of Vilcabamba.


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