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  • 03/12/2022 12:47 PM local time


?Welcome to ??Coconut?? Coffee Shop, we are a store specialized in healthy and natural products in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.?
?We specialize in organic and vegan products, which you can find in our store, such as:?
?Nuts, seeds, flours, cereals, energy bars, sugar-free chocolates, sea salts. ?
? Wide variety of brands and sizes of ??coconut oil.?

?Essential oils and various types of clays from Vilcabamba and other sources.?

?Vegan cheeses, hamburgers, cured meats and vegan Milanese,?

?Kombuchas, various brands and types of Vicabamba beers, coconut water,? coconut milk?

?You can also find delicious goat cheeses (oregano, chili, basil, turmeric,?

?Fresh and cured sheep cheese?

?We also have personal care products such as natural liquid and bar shampoos, natural liquid and conditioner bars, body and face creams, bamboo toothbrushes, natural and flourless toothpastes, liquid and bar soaps for the body and face, natural deodorants, rose water, natural insect repellants, bamboo combs.?

?We also have at your disposal different types of smoking paper, flavored papers, ecological cigars, floral tobacco, filters, pipes, threshers and many more products that you can only find in our store.?


?We are located in front of the Vilcabamba Terrestrial Terminal

We are located in
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