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 Transport Cooperative "Loja" in Vilcabamba

Cooperativa de Transportes "Loja": Your reliable option for transportation in Vilcabamba and beyond

At Cooperativa de Transportes Loja, we are proud to offer a safe, comfortable and efficient public passenger transport service nationwide. With a solid fleet of modern units and professional drivers, we make sure to provide a pleasant travel experience to our distinguished users.

In our office in Vilcabamba you can purchase tickets to any destination covered by the Loja Cooperative. Whether you need to travel to Quito, Loja or other parts of the country, we are here to help you plan your trip. In addition, we are specialists in parcel handling, offering package delivery and reception services for the main national destinations.

At Cooperativa de Transportes Loja, we strive to maintain a daily frequency on the Vilcabamba-Quito turn, giving you connection options from the Loja terminal to a wide variety of destinations throughout Ecuador. Our goal is to provide you with fluid and convenient connectivity, facilitating your travels both locally and nationally.

We are proud to lead the transport of passengers and parcels nationwide, and we are constantly working on modernizing our fleet of vehicles to offer you the best comforts and services. We value your safety and comfort on every trip, which is why we maintain high standards of maintenance and care in our units.

We know that the comfort of our users goes beyond the trip itself. For this reason, we offer you the option of buy tickets online giving you the convenience of reserving your seat from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access. This option allows you to save time and ensure you have your ticket reserved before your trip.

At Cooperativa de Transportes Loja, we are committed to providing you with a reliable, efficient and safe service. Contact us today or visit our office to plan your next trip with us!


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19 reviews
  • Santiago Aguirre
    Santiago Aguirre
    during the last week

    La experiencia en servicio al cliente es un claro ejemplo de lo que NO se debe hacer

  • juan carlos cisneros

    I forgot a bag with all my instruments, they took care of it and returned it in full.

  • Ricardo Maygua
    Ricardo Maygua
    4 months ago

    Fast and quality attention

  • Oscar Correa
    Oscar Correa
    9 months ago

    Very good service and very friendly staff

  • Roger Duran
    Roger Duran
    7 months ago

    Excellent service highly recommended

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